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HIV Case Reporting


The Instant OpenHIE architecture, codebase, and documentation are under active development and are subject to change. While we encourage adoption and extension of the Instant OpenHIE framework, we do not consider this ready for production use at this stage.

HIV Case Reporting#

This Instant OpenHIE package is available to demonstrate a country level implementation for reporting on HIV cases. The hiv-case-reporting package allows for the submission of the following information:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Clinical Data

This package allows for the submission of data in two different formats: FHIR and CSV. Patient demographical data can be submitted directly to a Client Registry in FHIR format and can also be queried from the Client Registry. Patient Clinical data can be submitted in FHIR format as well as CSV.

The goal is to allow for the collection of data from different data sources, by using an industry standard for the health information exchange. Patient identities are uniquely maintained by making use of a client registry that matches patient records based on demographic characteristics.

Package location and Deployment#

The HIV Case Reporting Package is available at the following github repository:

All deployment information is available on the Github Repository above which allows for the following deployment actions from a command line interface:

  • Initialise
  • Stop
  • Start
  • Destroy

This package is dependant on the following infrastructural packages which will be automatically installed when executing the default deployment commands:

  • Client
  • Elastic
  • Core

Deployment options#

It is possible to deploy only specific packages by using the only flag "o" during deployment. The Instant OpenHIE also supports the loading of packages directly from a Github URL (or local dir) to simplify the deployment steps required.


This package is based on the DISI CDR project (Central Data Repository (CDR) MVP for DISI Some of the terminology in the code might inherit naming conventions from the DISI project.