OpenHIE Case Reporting
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L1: OpenHIE Case Reporting

This is the FHIR Implementation Guide for Case Reporting containing the specifications developed by the OpenHIE community.

  • This implementation guide and set of artifacts are still undergoing development.
  • This content is only for demonstration purposes only.
  • Providing Feedback: Please submit any issues via the Feedback link next to the appropriate section of the implementation guide


This Implementation Guide contains the full set of specifications for general case reporting pipeline. It has been developed to support case reporting as part of the public health response use case.

This Implementation Guide is intended to be supplemented by one or more content profiles guides developed for specific health program areas which will define the details of the case report. Examples of such content guides include:

This Implementation Guide is underpinned by supporting guidelines, policies and recommendations

This Implementation Guide defines three actors involved in the submission of a case report into a case report repository. These actors engage in the transactions to submit, transform and store case reports into a case report repository.

Case ReportSubmitterCase ReportTransformerCase ReportRepositorySubmit Case ReportStore Case Report
Actors and Transactions

About This Implementation Guide

This Implementation Guide is broken into the following levels of knowledge representation:

Intellectual Property Considerations

While this implementation guide and the underlying FHIR are licensed as public domain, this guide may include examples making use of terminologies such as LOINC, SNOMED CT and others which have more restrictive licensing requirements. Implementers should make themselves familiar with licensing and any other constraints of terminologies, questionnaires, and other components used as part of their implementation process. In some cases, licensing requirements may limit the systems that data captured using certain questionnaires may be shared with.


The specification herewith documented is a demo working specification, and may not be used for any implementation purposes. This draft is provided without warranty of completeness or consistency, and the official publication supersedes this draft. b No liability can be inferred from the use or misuse of this specification, or its consequences.